27 November 2011

KESSC AKC Day 3 wrap-up and a note about travel

Day 3 of KESSC today. My mom's little girl was a rockstar again today and got her 2nd QQ at 26" in a row. Already halfway to the 4 we need for Tryouts! Just have to finish garnering our "8 and 8" after that. Trig runs a little differently from my dogs, but she is not *quite* as fast as they are, so it's not a stressful challenge for me to run her, I just have to remember that she's better with me in front, and that if I have to rear cross I need to get her to check in with me first, since once in a while if I just do a regular rear cross without asking for a head check, she will bend in the new direction I've asked for, but then just take the first thing she sees...

Drifter got QQ #35 today. He Q'd in JWW each day with lovely runs, but had a couple goofy mistakes in Std each day. Friday he did one of those weird one-hit down ramp dogwalks that he started occasionally doing last winter. I am pretty convinced it's due to his crooked feet and not-working toe, so i just ignored it and the next 2 days his dogwalks were fine. I have to make sure i don't overextend him on the top ramp though, which is not something I ever had to watch before. I think with his crooked feet (left foot leans inside, right foot leans outside) landing and running on the downhill narrow slope is getting trickier for him and sometimes he'd rather just leave for the ground. This just reinforces my original thought to finish his MACH2 and then retire him from most competition.

Kiba got 2 really nice JWW Q's this weekend, beating Drifter's time in both of them and winning the entire 100dog 20" class on Saturday. The other runs were all nice except for one bar. Today I corrected both bars by marking them verbally and pausing briefly. I think she just needs more work at 20" - we haven't worked much since USDAA in KY 6 weeks ago, just a few courses here and there. She needs some good grid work and difficult handling exercises at 20 and 22" to get her to remember what she's doing. She's also not as fit as she was 2 months ago...

Which of course is because of all the travelling I've been doing. I've got one more weekend "away" until I hit a stretch where all my teaching is only 1 or 1 and 1/2 days, all within driving distance for a while. Which means I can take a couple dogs with me. Which makes it easier to keep them in shape, and makes it easier for them to be watched by my mother when I'm gone.

I met a rescue papillon this weekend that I really liked... made me rethink my "sheltie in a couple years" puppy plan. If it looks like he can be registered with AKC (with pedigree) and he really is the height I think he is (right around 13 and 3/4", mammoth for a papillon but *perfect* for 14" FCI) I am considering taking the little booger. he's currently 10months, which is really close to Strafe's age, but this little guy knows absolutely nothing, so while Strafe is ready to start novice competition now, this pap wouldn't be ready for probably a year.

Just a thought ;)

Videos from the weekend will be uploaded tomorrow.

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