26 November 2011

first 2 days of KESSC

Keystone English Springer Spaniel Club that is...

Yesterday and today Kiba and Drifter both Q'ed in JWW, yesterday and today Kiba beat Drifter's time. Both are jumping 20". Drifter is a little fat still, a pound or two overweight. And also both days, Kiba hit one bar in Std and Drifter had at least one moment of "WAHOOO I AM NOT AN EDUCATED NINE YEAR OLD DOG!" and basically ignored some blatant cue that I gave him.... so yeah. Hopefully one of the two will get a double Q tomorrow... neither needs it for Reno but it would be nice! Despite the single knocked bar each day, Kiba actually looks GREAT at 20" and I'm still crossing my fingers we'll get picked for the WAO team, as I have no real worries about her health at 20, she just has to get back in the swing of trialing at that height again. She hasn't run at 20" in a trial since late September.

i also ran Trig for the first time at 26" to start garnering Q's towards Tryouts this spring. Yesterday I didn't run FAST, we had one "disconnect" in JWW and she broke her stay in Std so I walked her off (I didn't even get past the first obstacle before she got up). Today she stayed like a rock, Q'ed in all 3 classes, not a "triple Q" technically because she's still in Exc A Fast, but she got her first QQ (of 4 needed) towards Tryouts, and her first of her "8 and 8" each of Std and JWW as well.

One more day of trial.

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