24 November 2011

CO, yep I was there, I had fun, I survived

With the rush to explain the ETS video I posted before leaving for CO, I didn't actually mention how teaching in CO went.  I had fun, it was a really nice group of people, no "sour grapes" types and everyone really seemed interesting in hearing what I had to say and at least trying things out. Everyone had a great attitude, the group asked good questions (I like questions; they keep me on track!). And I survived the altitude just fine. I had no immediate effects on landing, no "altitude sickness" type issues. I'm young enough and healthy enough overall that I really shouldn't have those types of problems. I did recognize that the air was quite dry and at night my nose had that "dry congestion" type of thing going on, but nothing too bad. And I definitely did feel myself getting a little out of breath when I got on a roll and talked for a few minutes straight. However, I think I'll be fine to run a 30 second agility run, as long as I don't enter the ring already out of breath. I also talked to the friendly locals about the weather, and while they did agree there was a slight chance of adverse weather (as in precipitation of some kind), they said generally it should be chilly in the morning and quite likely warm (like 80's possible) in the afternoon. The sun there is very strong and they assured me that any frost should be long gone by 9:30am start time....

So yes, i am still tentatively planning to attend the USDAA Nationals event in CO in September. My first qualifer isn't till January, and Strafe isn't old enough till March. However, I ran Strafe in my Masters class yesterday and he did fabulously. Not to say he ran everything perfectly on the first try, but his mistakes were minor, he handled being around other people and dogs just fine. He weaved no problem and his aframes continue to be very consistently in the contact. Only 2 weeks till his debut now!

Today is Thanksgiving. I don't really celebrate holidays. But it's nice that everyone's off from work. I'm about to go on a hike at Fair Hill with Seri and Strafe, who aren't entered in the trial tomorrow.

ETA: we went for a nice, slightly sidetracked, winding hike at Fair Hill in gorgeous weather. Here's Seri showing off her "Don't Shoot Me" hiking gear:

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