17 November 2011

By the way

Sometimes when people come to see me for a private lesson, they will tell me they had a friend who said they shouldn't bother to come because "Rosanne only does X..." and X changes, sometimes it's "Rosanne only does rear crosses" - that's what I used to hear, because I had a dog with ETS who couldn't jump well if I was in front of her. Lately it's "Rosanne only does distance" or "Rosanne only does front crosses"

Seriously? I *only* do distance? WTF are these people smoking? I'm sorry... this aggravated me a little. And I'm glad the people who hear this don't let it deter them. And yes, this is a bit of a snipey post, but still. It's basically impossible to succeed at National and International level agility these days if you "only do distance" or "only do rear crosses" or "only do..... " anything!

So to whomever is telling people I don't do anything but distance, here's some videos! And if you already know I work close to my dogs when necessary, but ALSO utilize sending when necessary, here's some videos you can enjoy too. They're all old ones, reposted.

So, sorry to rant a bit. I just think it's very bad manners to say things like that about other people. I certainly hope it is clear that I do not use "distance" exclusively any more than i use any certain type of cross exclusively. In fact when I teach I usually make a point of helping the attendees to find different options. And yes, my dogs do have great sending skills, that is how I GET AHEAD OF THEM!


K-Koira said...

I can see how that could be really aggravating. And hopefully it isn't deterring people from taking a lesson with you.

Equus2 Studios said...

People always have stuff to say...and they probably always will. I figure take the lesson and see if the handling style fits. If it doesn't no big deal....go seek a trainer where it does. By the way, I took a lesson with you with my rottweiler. We sure didn't work on distance that day. ;)

Tails From The Herd ... said...

Hey Rosanne, perfect to be a bit snipey ... I would be also in that situation. One of my favorite things about the seminars and private I've done with you in recent months has been that you HAVE NOT attempted to change my handling in any way. Instead, you worked with how I already run Triton and have REALLY helped me improve our lines using MY handling style. A huge compliment to your training style as an instructor was this past weekend when several "big" handlers asked what I have done lately, because Tri and I were looking good in recent weeks. I said I hadn't done much aside from lessons with Rosanne and a stronger confidence in my lines ... BTW, paid off huge with QQ and placements at bigger venues ... I tell everyone they should take a lesson with you! I know I will again as soon as possible. Joy & Tri (who thanks you for trying to fix my bad timing)