11 October 2011


Well today was all about setting up for me. I brought extra crates for Ria and David to use, hung up schedules (boy was THAT a task!), and set up my crating area. Drifter and Kiba get to share a big x-pen all by themselves, but it should enable them to move around and spread out and get good airflow, all important for such a long week. Instead of running the warm-up class, I went to a local park and took a nice 30-minute on-leash hike with them instead. Nothing strenuous, just wanted to get them moving in a nice gentle, continuous fashion to loosen them up. They enjoyed it. Now we're back at our super-nice hotel, dogs are fed, and we're ready to relax. Tomorrow both dogs only run Team Gamblers, nothing more. So not a real tough day. I will also be checking on the ACR crew to make sure the schedules are running smoothly and they're doing OK.

Here's what we did instead of running agility:

And here's video of Strafe's mother Jiggy getting 2nd place in Individual Agility with a fantastic run!

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