09 October 2011

Relatives at FCI!

Strafe's relatives had some great runs at the FCI championships over the weekend. Two of his sire's sisters ran clean in Individual Jumping:


and Bu:

They also had some great Team runs as well, but I can't find videos of those.

Also Strafe's mother Jiggy, and her sister Nala, made their debut at the event, and both looked fantastic.
Jiggy in Individual jumping:

Nala put in a fantastic time in Ind Jumping as well but hit the broad jump. Jiggy then proceeded to run clean in Individual Agility on Sunday, and I am pretty sure she finished 2nd for that individual class, which is absolutely fantastic!!! What a great debut for a young dog!

Jiggy and Nala's mother Simic (Strafe's grandmother) had a wonderful showing. She is now 9 years old but you wouldn't know it from watching her. She only ran in Team events, but she ran two fast clear rounds and looked great. Hopefully there will be more vidoes as the week goes on.

I figured I'd share Strafe's family success tonight too, even though I only just posted about Drifter half an hour ago. I wanted to post while I was thinking of it, and I won't be posting much the rest of the week - keep track of me on Facebook or Twitter for brief updates during the trial.

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