24 October 2011

A rambling post about how busy I am and how my puppy is turning into a dog

My dogs are good sports about being posed for pictures now, but the 2 smooth coats kept closing their eyes. Sun glare? Who knows.

This weekend I was off teaching in Salisbury MD, which was fun. We had FABULOUS weather, cool, sunny, a nice breeze. I probably got sunburn. Today and tomorrow I'm resting my feet, my voice, packing and preparing for the next trip, teaching in Austin, TX for 4 and 1/2 days. I leave Wed and fly out of BWI for the first time. I decided not to take a dog with me, since it just makes flying more streamlined not having to deal with the dog. Delays and cramped conditions and finding my ride are smoother without dealing with a dog. Plus to be honest, I hardly ever use a demo dog while teaching.

I fly back on next Monday, I think Ria is coming that Tues. Strafe goes to get his 1-year-plus booster vaccinations on Wed and to get his initial vet visit under his belt so he can get his hips done in a few weeks. Then I'm off to Richmond VA for a day or so. November is also busy for me! Exciting to have so much teaching lined up. I enjoy it, even if it is tiring, and so far most of the people I'm teaching seem to enjoy it too. I really like creating sequences that will challenge people but that they can still have some success on. I want people to walk in thinking "I can't do that" and walk out saying "I did it!" - although sometimes they might have to say "I know what I have to train in order to do it"....

This weekend I took Strafe and Seri with me, and for the first time I ran Strafe on quite a few sequences at 20", and he got to do brand new weave poles and more aframes in sequences in a strange place. He was AWESOME. Got all 12 poles every time, even picked up some more speed through them. He jumps 20" like it's nothing at all.

My growing up little boy in the field:

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