18 October 2011

Moving Pictures

First up is Kiba in PVP Standard. She curled in more than I expected after the chute and I had to recall her out of the poles to fix her entry but otherwise a nice run.

Next up is Drifter in Team Standard (the same course, just a different view. No, he didn't stay. No, he didn't stay on his see-saw either. Brat dog. Good run though.

And here's Kiba's winning PSJ Finals run!

And while I was away, my mother closed up Strafe's 2-by-2 weaves and got him up to 6 poles. This video is from yesterday evening after I got home. Today I took him out and got him up to 12 poles in about a 5-minute session. Now I just have to get him driving through harder. He has a good rhythm but I fully expect him to do a one-strided gait through them when he's finished, at least in the front, so I will probably do some work with them slightly open for a bit to get him driving harder. He shows good understanding though!

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