02 October 2011


Good day at Lancaster today. It was cold and damp outside, but they turned the heat on in the canvas building and it was bearable. Just not used to cold yet, it was still pretty warm last week! Anyway, Drifter continued his awesome streak, after having minor surgery not even 3 weeks ago he came back in style, going 4 for 4 to add 2 more QQ's towards his MACH2, and I believe he now has 9 on the year. I am starting to feel bad that I'm not planning to take him to Reno, it just seems so silly to take a 9 and 1/2 year old dog with a heart murmur all the way across the (very large) country, when he's already won twice.... but. .... he looks GREAT! He's gotten very very consistent this year.

Kiba was also pretty good, although personally I think the judge was giving gifts today in the standard ring with the contacts...not just my dog either! Anyway, Kiba was clean in Standard - amusingly her time and Drifter's were only .01 of a second apart. And she was also clean in JWW for her 6th QQ on the year, so she's all qualified for Nationals now. I am sure I'm taking her to Reno (I think!) so I'm happy to have that out of the way. We are only planning one more AKC trial before the end of the qualifying period, so I really didn't want to have that hanging over my head!

I also ran my mother's dog Trig, Drifter's daughter. She's only 3 but is coming together pretty well. She isn't as fast as my dogs are (yet), but she's a very tidy jumper and hardly ever hits a bar. She ran well for me this weekend after a bumpy start Saturday morning. She also got a QQ today and now only needs one more to qualify to go to Reno! If she does, I may run her - in fact because of Trig's athleticism and my mother's achilles tendon issues, we are mulling over me trying to qualify for Tryouts with her, and running her at Nationals at 26". She's a pretty easy, careful jumping dog and can handle pretty much whatever height is thrown at her. . . more to come on that later. Nothing certain yet!

Drifter's little girl, Trig:

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