24 October 2011

CO thoughts, and my favorite season

I think fall has always been my favorite season. I love the cooling weather, the pretty trees, and the crisp smell in the air. I really don't like the sweltering heat and humidity of summer, or the sunburn or the crispy dry grass. Or even just the long hours of daylight. It should be dark before bedtime! I've always found the weather and clear nights of fall to be energizing. Sure, it means winter is coming, but winter comes every year, and since New Years has never really meant much to me (it's just a human way of marking time, after all, the world doesn't care one bit what date we call it...), it doesn't bother me. Winter is just "cold time of year". So fall is a productive time. It's cool, it's usually not as dry as the heat of summer, so dogs can work and play. I can hike as long as I like without myself or the dog overheating. Or freezing. The orange and yellow and red trees are lovely.

I am still waffling a bit about USDAA in Denver. I will be in Denver myself to teach in November, maybe I'll see how I do with the altitude then. I do have asthma - it was bad when I was a kid, mostly cleared now but I have no lung power and can get quite short of breath if I have a cold or something, so I'm curious to see if I can talk all day 6,000ft up. Guess we'll find out!

As for USDAA, I guess it's strange but the REAL reason I'm planning to go is because I can't really allow them to hold a big national event and not attend. I mean, someone else might get MY placements or something! ;) Goofy reason, I know. And it would be fun to take Strafe. But the high altitude, BSL, and possibility of adverse weather conditions are all real turn-offs for me. Not sure I want to travel that far and risk frosty grass, or snow, or rain. And supporting a city with BSL sucks too. Not have bully breeds, i haven't paid attention to it much before, but it's become a public issue this time, and unfortunately it sounds like USDAA doesn't really want to talk about it. Not always good with the whole public relations thing, USDAA. For a privately owned company, they do have trouble remembering that competitors are really consumers here....

Anyway. Enjoy the extra blog post, I'm sure I won't be blogging while in TX this weekend (although I hear it might rain, oddly enough!)

ETA: after I made my post about loving Fall weather, I took the dogs out for an evening walk and got a pretty good pic of the sunset. It's just from my Droid, so some of the color didn't get captured, but a pretty cool picture nonetheless.

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