19 October 2011

And a pic that doesn't move :)

Myself with Kiba and Kate with Driven on the podium for 1st overall in PVP. 
(photo by Karen Moureaux)

It's raining again today so we had to cancel our Masters classes for the umpteenth time this year. Oh well. This weekend I'm teaching in Salisbury, MD, which is nice because it's less than 2 hours drive away so I am leaving Saturday morning and will be home Sunday evening. Then next Wed I fly to Austin TX to teach for 5 days and return the following Monday. Then that Wed/Thurs I'm teaching down near Richmond, VA. Will be a busy couple weeks. I left that Nov 5th weekend open for relaxation and youngster training.

Also big news, I filled out Strafe's first entry form! If we make it in (it's a draw trial), Strafe will debut on December 9th, indoors on dirt at Oriole Dog Training Club! I decided that due to the weather and me being so busy, it wouldn't be fair to run him at 26" right away, so we'll run 20" that first trial - he'll be barely 15 months anyway and as of right now we usually still do 16" or 18" in training. I hope to have him running courses at 26" by January though. No rush! I am also going to get his hips checked soon so his breeder will have the results. In europe they will score hips at 1 year instead of 2 like OFA does here. I will be doing Pennhip though, and getting the vet's opinion on the OFA view as well, probably won't bother to pay for OFA's Prelim since they're pretty useless....


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