25 October 2011

Who doesn't like more video of the "puppy"?

So I am slowly packing for my TX trip throughout the day today. But i also had to go out and get some more video of my awesome puppy. I was so impressed with how he did the sequences I had set up for the seminar last weekend! So here is a video showing some aframes, jumping sequences, dogwalks and weave poles. We have started working on leaving the toy on the ground near the start line area, so sometimes he comes off the line a little slower and looks a little sad ("why are we leaving the toy behind?") but he started to get better as the session progressed. Nothing too complicated with the jumping, just working some basic handling reminders with slightly higher jumps. I was pleased with his obstacles today. A couple "superman" one-hit aframes but he is usually pretty good at balancing as he exits the contact. No somersaults or face-smashing like Seri. His dogwalks today were just beautiful. He popped a few weaves, but I've been verbally encouraging him to speed up and also slowly adding in a little lateral distance so no worries there.

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