19 September 2011

WAO and the mystery lump

I love this picture because it makes it look like he actually stays on the start-line...

Yesterday's Drifter's armpit stitches developed a small, soft lump at the end, so today I took him by the vet so they could check and let me know whether it was healing properly or not. Thankfully they said it is fine, it is just a bit of fluid and maybe some scar tissue healing up at the end of the row of stitches, sometimes it does that as it heals I guess. I don't care if it looks "pretty", I just wanted to make sure it was healthy. He's still getting antibiotics and rimadyl every day, and the stitches don't come out till next Monday since they're in such a funny place. While I was in, I asked about the biopsy results from the lump, but they hadn't come in yet. Well this evening I got a call from the vet and the results came in, and the mystery lump was indeed a lipoma, so it was just some fatty tissue in a strange spot! Hurray, NOT CANCER! So we didn't really need to remove the lump after all, but since Drifter was already knocked out and the vet got some suspicious results on examination, I don't blame him for deciding to remove it. Much better safe than sorry! Anyway, he seems to be healing well, although he's getting to be very fussy ("pet me pet me!" and always wanting to be on the couch) since he hasn't had any proper exercise since last Monday.

This weekend I was not trialing AND we had absolutely gorgeous weather, both cool and sunny, so I set up the WAO Tryout courses to be videotaped and sent in to the manager. Kiba ran them very well, and pending managerial approval, I will post the videos here as well. I want to make sure it's OK before posting the courses though. Kiba is doing really well at 20" (and even 22" in training) and I'm really hopeful we will be selected for the team. 

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