25 September 2011

Tired of Dogwalks yet? Of course not...

Here's a video of the 2 girl dogs doing some dogwalks. I've been allowing Seri to do some agility lately, just no aframes at speed or weird angled approaches to ramps, and not many weaves yet. But she's in the video showing off her dogwalks.

And here's Strafe's lastest session, working on back chaining.

You will probably continue seeing a lot of video of Strafe, since it's easiest for me to see EXACTLY what he's doing by recording it and playing it in slow motion. I can see pretty easily whether he hits the contact, and whether he strides properly or "skips", but the video helps me see exactly where he's landing up top, and whether he's adjusting properly on the top ramp. I was pretty happy with this session. I could see progress, he was starting to get it right more often than not for sure. It was also the first session where I always placed his toy behind a jump, so he had to do the dogwalk, go over a small jump, and THEN get his toy.

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