06 September 2011

tick tock

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. Strafe will turn a whole year old tomorrow. Well, technically maybe late tonight - Denmark is 5 or 6 hours ahead of us! It is raining again here, and because we are already so saturated, the ground is very wet. It is nice and cool and breezy, so we went out and started our "serious" weave pole training. I'm not in a huge rush - my goal is to have him doing 12 poles by early October, before I leave for Kentucky for USDAA Nationals. That's right around 13 months old and he should be physically fine.

Strafe has done a little bit of basics, just going through the poles, to get the concept down. But from here out i will be trying hard to do them a few times a week and slowly make it harder.

No, I don't throw the toy. Don't tell me I'm doing it wrong - all my dogs learned this way and it works just fine.

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