03 September 2011

QQ #4 for Nationals - finally!

Kiba was a very good little midget today. After our discussion about bar knocking yesterday, I did make sure to do some difficult warm-up jumps (serpentines and convergence over 24" bar) to remind her to watch her feet. And it worked wonders. She was a tiny bit slower today, but I was also being careful not to push her, and slowing down and insisting on her contacts as well, since she almost missed them all yesterday (none were called but it was close). She also did well in Jumpers, but we did have a bit of a call-off moment where she got her eye on the wrong jump on a lateral send situation, so I pulled out the trusty old "LIE DOWN COME!!!" which worked because Kiba's awesome like that... so she Q'ed with a GOOD time but not an amazing one.

Here's our standard run from this morning. You'll notice I'm not being very aggressive. I just wanted her to pay attention to the bars and keep her feet up and hit all her contacts. I was pleased with her!

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