11 September 2011

Pretty good weekend - TBAC AKC

Only ran Kiba, again in 20". This is her last trial at 20" for her "trial period". Overall I am pretty happy with how it went. She did hit some bars, but it got better after I did the 22" jump line work last weekend. I just set up some difficult 24" warm-up exercises at the trial and she only hit 1 bar this whole weekend, and it wasn't height-related, it was handling-miscommunication related. she took off thinking turn, then realized it wasn't turn, it was straight, and tried to correct in mid-air. Probably would've happened the same way over 16". She Q'ed all other runs this weekend, and here they are - the camera battery died before the 4th one or I would've gladly posted it, knocked bar and all, because I ran out the rest of the course with enthusiasm and yet another lovely blind cross and I thought she handled it really well even when I started running harder.

My mother helped me get Strafe to hold still for a proper measurement as well. And basically he's good at looking shorter than he is. When he's leaning slightly or crouching slightly, he's about 20.25" (51,5cm) but when we turned him the other way and he saw the agility ring, he stood all the way up on his own - as tall as he possibly can. And when he does that, not only is his gorgeous structure suddenly very obvious, but he also is 20.75" (52,7cm) tall! So I have a feeling when he's all filled out and completely done growing, he will be closer to 20.75 than to 20.5 but for now we'll split the difference and call it that.

Speaking of Strafe, I had him hanging out in the bleachers with me this weekend, since it's not directly ringside but can still see the rings it is a good opportunity to learn to relax, and he did. He would watch for a bit, then he would lay down and just hang out, or wiggle and make "roooo" noises at people walking by. But overall, he's my most relaxed dog near the rings already, which is hugely exciting for me with all my visually-excitable dogs!

Here is Strafe posing with another half-brother, this time a 9-month old brother out of Mawlch kennel in Croatia, from the Bela x Fetch breeding. This brother is already taller than Strafe by a little bit, but he is all legs and no body!

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Catalina said...

Congrats on the Qs! What cute boys - love the happy smile and pointy ears!