24 September 2011

more dogwalks

Just in case you thought my dogs were perfect, I have indeed hit a small snag in Strafe's dogwalk training. He has done every exercise up to now quite perfectly, so I haven't exactly drilled them. I also don't like drilling youngsters for anything, anyway, so I did a few dogwalks here and there, and without a ton of speed, he's fine. With the plank on the table, he was always fine as well... Well the snag is that when he runs the full dogwalk in extension, he's hitting the wrong spot. He's over-extending across the top ramp, landing him right ON the "2nd apex", the joint between the top, flat ramp, and the down ramp. Why does it matter? Well for one thing stepping right on the joint is a silly thing to do, it is harder to keep your balance that way. for another thing - well, if you step there, you don't hit the contact! He should be adjusting his striding on the top ramp, sailing OVER the joint/apex, and then running the last stride.

Here is an example of Drifter running the dogwalk with very typical striding - this is common for pretty much ALL medium size dogs who consistently run the dogwalk. At 12.5% of full speed:

And here's Strafe from today:

As the video says, I think I may go back and do some table-plank work for a week or so, then go back to back-chaining. Sometimes when this weird striding happens, it's just a result of a dog maturing, adding speed, and then losing track of what to do with his feet. Running the way I want him to actually IS the fastest way through, I just have to show him that somehow!

ETA (I realize at the end of a couple of bad reps you can hear me say "aaaaah!" to him - that is because that sounds calls him off the toy on the ground. I'm really not that mean when I train, it's just a good noise to get out quickly that says "no you didn't earn that!")

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