23 September 2011

Last night I had trouble going to sleep early like I've been doing, so I finished my latest book I was reading (it was short - translated "light novel" from Japan, geeky I know), and probably didn't fall asleep till 11pm. (OK, that's late for ME anyway). I turned off my alarm, since I figured it would be raining anyway when I got up so no use getting up at the usual 6:30 to go hiking. Well I woke up at 6:33 anyway, so I went ahead and got up, and lucky me, it wasn't raining YET so I took Kiba and Strafe for a quick 30min walk at Fair Hill. Deliberately took a path that went down a hill and back up on the return so that we'd get at least a little workout even though I was making it a short walk. Good timing, since the rain hit just as I got in the car. Stupid rain. Been raining all day.

Finally heard back from the herding instructor I'd like to try, and weather permitting, we'll try Seri sometime late next week. Should be fun. I think her shoulder is holding up well (we'll see Ria again on Wed to check). i've even been doing a little more agility in training. A few dogwalks and even a set or two of weaves, but the aframe we've done mostly work on her stopping before she climbs it, as that slamming into it is one of the things that really aggravates her front end, as you can well imagine. She doesn't slam into it like a normal dog would - most dogs who "slam" take off EARLY and hit it hard as they are finishing their jump arc getting on. Not Seri! She fearlessly runs right up to the base of it, and fearless smashes right into it. Painful to watch. Not sure what I can do to retrain that - it's a factor of her recklessness, not really something I trained her to do. Right now I'm wondering if i can maybe do something like not allow her to climb up until she's released to do so - that might at least make her slow down a little and look at me before going up, but also think that behavior is A) very hard to teach and B) won't hold up at a trial anyway. So for now we'll keep strengthening, and avoid trialing, and see how she does.

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