30 September 2011

CO and DW

Well it's out - the info about 2012 Cynosport. It's farther west, which I pretty much figured would be the case. I have no problem with it starting to rotate round the country, and I do hope they actually can work it out to move every year, and not get "stuck" in one place like they did in Arizona. What I don't like about CO is that, apparently, allegedly, some people wanted it to be back outside again to be more "festive", whatever that means. So it's outdoors. 4 rings on grass, 2 rings on artificial turf. I'm not sure I like that. And it may be cold - the High for October in Denver is 65F and the lows are down around 35F! I don't really want to be running my first course in a bulky sweatshirt and jacket! And what about Steeplechase Finals at night, after dark? Running in 40F temperatures is not really that good for my dog. . .

So basically what it boils down to is, I understand moving it, I don't really have a problem with CO, but why outside?? Surely they could have found another venue for 5 indoor rings? AKC manages to find these places all over the country and make it work! I don't understand why some USDAA competitors (and board members!) think that "outside" is the ultimate agility experience and has better "atmosphere". Maybe I'm turning into a cranky 29-year-old but I no longer enjoy running in cold rain like I did when I was 14. And with all that I've learned about the physical aspect of my dogs' well-being, I'm not very keen to run them in potentially wet grass or cold conditions. So I'm not sure what to think about a big "international" event, outdoors on grass in potentially cold and possibly wet conditions. I will have to give it some thought - because my main focus in agility is big events, if I am not going to attend Nationals, then I won't bother competing during the year - it's a waste of money for me. I am not a title-chaser, I am a win-chaser! Anyway, i will give it some thought.

Because my training session with Strafe was sort of iffy, I took him back out to test our new "running with the toy" dogwalk. We did about 10 dogwalks, all in the middle of very short sequences, with me holding the toy, and he only missed one contact. The rest were all absolutely wonderful, great striding, driving ahead but still listening, and right through the contact. I also did a few weaves once he was back in the swing of working with me, and he was much better - got over his "WTF are weaves?" attitude from this afternoon. Silly boy!

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Greg S said...

As a Colorado resident and frequent outdoor competitor here, I can say that in the 4 years I have been competing, we have been rained on probably twice, and our Colorado rain isnt like east of the Mississippi where it rains all day - growing up in Mass. I had plenty of those days.

We have a really dry climate, with very low humidity, which lets the nights cool quickly but the days warm up just as quick.
Its in the 80's for our trial this weekend.

Certainly you can ask fellow Colorado resident and former USDAA World Team coach Stacy Peardot-Goudy about her thoughts of competing outside here - I wouldnt dismiss it too quickly as it is usually quite nice here in October. Of course, come the end of October it's not unusual for us to see our first snow :)