29 September 2011


Drifter is happy to have his stitches out, and while there is some scar tissue I will be working on breaking up with laser and massage, overall everything healed up nicely. The last 2 days I had our wonderful physical therapist, Ria Acciani, down at our house to work on our own dogs and local dogs as well. Drifter was pretty tight and sore throughout his neck and back, which she said is quite common from surgery, so she loosened him up and I'll be lasering him and putting his therapeutic coat on at night to help him stay loose. Kiba was a little tight throughout her back as well but that's pretty normal for her, and I've worked her fairly hard all through September, with 2 trials at 20" and then a weekend of WAO Tryout courses as well. We won't be jumping 20" anymore until late October. The best news I got is that Seri's shoulder continues to heal well, and her range of motion and muscling is all going back to normal. Also a mark of good things is that her uninjured shoulder is showing no more signs of compensation, so she appears to be using both sides evenly now. I have already been doing some short agility sequences and obstacles in training, so my plan for now is to continue with this and see how she does over the winter. I am still avoiding full height aframes except from a standstill, and I'm limiting the number of weaves she does as well. But I am tentatively hoping to have her out by the winter or spring in USDAA and perhaps we can qualify for Grand Prix and Steeplechase for next year. I don't think she will do AKC Nationals because getting 6 QQ's will require too much showing, and she will probably never be able to do a high frequency of agility trials in a row.

Anyway, I'm happy that she's feeling good!

Here's Drifter from his 9th birthday on Sunday, looking somewhat grey and grizzled but healthy and happy.

for his birthday I got him a brand new collar with a customized metal tag

OK so maybe I also got Seri a new collar for Drifter's birthday.... but I had to get her a new one! Her old one is red/white, and I have repurposed the red/white harness to be Strafe's, so Seri's doesn't match anymore. I also got a nice light pink/brown leash from Rush to Tug, so I got a collar that would match the leash (which also match's Kiba's collar).

I fear that I am becoming a matchey-matchey leash person. . .

I tried really hard to get updated stacked pictures of Strafe, to show off how gorgeous he is, but the trick of putting him on the grooming table and tossing a toy or cookie totally didn't work this time, and while I got some "ok" pics of him standing, so that an educated person can deduce that he has good structure, the best shot I got was this one, of his happy smiling face and his current favorite toy...

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