08 September 2011

366 Days Old Today

I didn't post yesterday, but it was Strafe's birthday. In celebration, it's been raining all week long. Just what we didn't need after Irene. We basically live in a marsh right now. so unfortunately, no great pics of Strafe outdoors on his birthday. Here's a quick progression series of him growing. always fun to see the changes.

Strafe at 8 weeks, still known by his puppy name of Tizzle.

Strafe at 10 weeks, the day after he came to the USA.

 Still 10 weeks. Just stinkin' cute.

12 weeks

3 and 1/2 months - legs have appeared!

4 months old, changing fast!

Somehow there's a gap in my pictures, I guess they're all mobile uploads on Facebook.
Skipping to 7 months old here. Halfway between pup and adult, looks-wise.

9 months old, looking more adult every day. Started growing lots of hair...

10 months. Ruff around his neck begins to get manly. Still cute though.

Just shy of 11 months. Looking gorgeous!

And one year old! A hairy adult who is still gorgeous!

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