14 August 2011

Well I'm in North Carolina for the week. Completed Kiba's first trial back up at 20", and she did pretty well. Hit a couple bars on the first run, both of them in difficult handling situations, coming in towards me. The 2nd and 3rd runs she was smoking fast, 1st and 2nd place, and among the fastest times of the day. Probably *the* fastest time on Saturday morning but I didn't check to see if the bigger dogs beat her. Then the last run on Saturday she had a brain fart, hit a couple of bars and missed a simple weave entry. Odd. Anyway, I'm optimistic, I think her jumping actually looks better than it did 2 years ago when i dropped her down to 16" in AKC, and certainly better than the last few runs at 22" in USDAA. i don't think she'll ever do 22" again, as that's just a bit too big for her, but she is doing ok at 20'. And there are plenty of people out there who jump their dogs 20" or 22" most of the year, then do 26" in order to travel to EO, so it's not that unusual to have a dog jumping "up" a height for a big event. Now I just have to keep working her at it, to see how she holds up and if her jumping continues to look good, then convince the coach/managers to pick me even though technically she's been a 16" dog for the last couple years so we have no "selection points" available to us at the right height. Although it is impossible for us to get them in AKC at Nationals, because she has to jump 16" (or 26") at that event because of her size. no choice.

Chilling at a friend's house, kind of an away-from-home staycation. Tuesday we'll go out to Dudley's and have a fun training session, and then Thurs-Sat another AKC trial before I head home on Monday.

I do have video, and I have my laptop, but I did not bring the connecting cable so no video online till I get home next week. Sorry!

Here's baby Strafe. This was his very first day home and he was exhausted and confused. And probably jet-lagged as well!

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