08 August 2011


Teaching seminars is very hard work, if you do it properly. Meaning, prepare ahead of time, do a lot of explaining, encourage people to ask questions, and also important - encouraging people to have fun, both with their dog and with each other. No matter how good of a handler or trainer someone is, if people don't enjoy the seminar, they won't come back. I think people had fun at my seminar, and i do believe I'm getting invited back!

Teaching all day is very tiring, both physically and mentally. I don't sit while teaching, so I'm basically walking back and forth for 7+ hours, 3 days in a row. Not hard on joints like ankles, knees, but it makes my feet feel achey and tired. So I'm relaxing a good bit today. Also tiring mentally, since i am indeed an introvert. I manage to be quite pleasant with people I don't know, and I certainly do just fine teaching others or performing in front of crowds - but just being around lots of people over several days is mentally tiring. I enjoy it, but it's tiring. That's the nature of an introvert! Today will be spent mostly alone (with my dogs, of course, they aren't tiring!), and with DJ for the afternoon once he's home from work.

Later this week my Busy August continues: I leave Thursday for southern North Carolina, approximately 8 hours of driving, to stay at Dudley's house and attend 2 days of Concord AKC show. It will be Kiba's re-debut at 20". It's a nice large 20" class so I will get a good measure of how her speed holds up with 4" higher jumps. When she's jumping 16" she's usually either the fastest, or less than half a second off the fastest time in the entire class. If she can be in the top 3 dogs at the 20" height consistently, I would say she is doing just fine. It will be fun to see. She also needs some QQ's yet to qualify for Nationals, since she hasn't shown in AKC since, well, since Nationals! Now that I'm determined to take her to Reno, we will be rectifying that lack.

It was fun to have Strafe and Kiba only with me at the seminar. I was able to set them up in a corner of the air conditioned building in crates, and just blocked their view, but hearing other dogs running and me teaching didn't seem to excite or upset them, and they were perfectly quiet all weekend. That's something I can't do with Drifter or Seri - they don't necessarily bark, but they will whine on and off, and generally not be relaxed and quiet. Strafe got to be a demo dog for a few of the Distance seminar points, and he got to practice on a few of the sequences I had set up during lunch break (with low jumps, obviously, and he doesn't do weaves or contacts), and amusingly I think he did better with the Masters pieces than with the Novice ones. that's OK with me!

This is Strafe's mother, Jiggy. She is completely adorable, and I just LOVE this fancy collar with her Danish flag on it. Look for her at the FCI Individual competition this year!

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LitlBigDog said...

The seminars were great!! Thanks again for some fun and challenging sequences!