31 August 2011

No videos today

Ria Acciani of Advanced Canine Rehab came down to our house to work on dogs last night and today. Seri's shoulder looked better than it has in a long time. Good range of motion and minimal stiffness. Definitely not "out". I am pleased with that. Her wrist is still kind of messy, but with some mobilization work on the upper metatarsals she did gain some range of motion back without seeming to have any pain, so that's good. I have been keeping her completely off contacts and weaves since before I left for NC, so probably almost 4 weeks now. I have done a few jumping exercises with her, so it's good that doesn't seem to bother her. I will continue as is for now; she walks with the rest of the gang and basically isn't being restricted except for *no running like a greyhound* and *no contacts/weaves*. She goes for a 20min walk in the morning, we do core strengthening exercises a few times a week, swim when the weather is nice, do some jump work, and a 10-15min walk in the evenings. i'm glad she's doing well, but I"m not going to jump right into full agility work for several months, until I'm absolutely sure she can hold up to it.

Drifter and Kiba got pretty good reports. Kiba's back held up pretty well from her first 2 weekends at 20". Definitely no worse than usual at 16", so I'm very happy to hear that. We have 20" in AKC again this weekend and the following one, then 2 weekends off, then we are back at 16" for one local AKC followed by USDAA Nationals. I had Strafe checked only because twice now he's misjudged the stairs on the porch, trying to go too fast, and slipped and ran into the edge of the railing. He was a little tight in the spot where he ran into the railing, but otherwise he looks great and flexible like any youngster should.

My birthday is tomorrow. I turn 29. For the first time, as I jokingly tell people. Hard to believe, but September also marks my 19th year involved in agility. It's difficult to remember the parts of my life that didn't involve owning and training dogs for agility...

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures on this hard drive from the way-back-when days. I will try to find some tomorrow. Here's a different picture, just to make your eyes happy. Love his eyes here.

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