29 August 2011

Irene, Drifter, Kiba, Strafe.

Well we all survived Irene. We put down or stored all the agility equipment, put away everything that could blow in the wind, stocked up on a lot of water and batteries. And we are fine. It started raining around noon on Saturday, and then pouring by 5pm and the winds picked up. It was very windy for a long time after that. Around bedtime there were tornadoes nearby, so I stayed awake and kept an eye on the weather till the tornado-causing parts were gone by (after midnight - very very late for me in my post-FedEx days). It was still raining lightly when we woke up in the morning, though the bulk of that was passed by - but the winds continued until around 11am. Some time mid-morning a large tree went down in our side yard. Luckily, it didn't hit anything, not even the other trees. Our power was out from about 4am Sunday morning till 2:30pm that afternoon. An inconvenience, but nothing compared to what many others are dealing with. Overall, for my first hurricane, we did OK. It was a bit scary with the high winds and intense rain (our rain guage maxed out at 6" overnight, so I don't even know how much we got, but it was a lot), and the tornadoes freak me out. I was prepared - my dogs slept in their harnesses, with leashes laid out ready to grab. There are crates and lawn chairs in the basement to sit it out. Luckily I didn't need to do that.

Today I took Drifter to the vet for his semi-annual chest x-ray and pre-op bloodwork. His heart looks very much the same as it did in March, which is to say perhaps the tiniest bit larger than average, but not what anyone would call "enlarged". And there's clearly no fluid in his lungs, they look great, and so does his trachea/windpipe area. He is up to 39lbs, which is also good. He is a dog that puts all calories into muscle and NEVER gets fat - although after his operation, that may change. That's right, he's getting the old "snip-snip". He's getting just a little more annoying in the house, being, uh, "rude" to poor Strafe who is so laid back he just tries to run away and never tells him off. I am not breeding him. And the biggest reason is that I want to it done while he is still strong and healthy - I don't want to wait a few years, and then end up in a situation where he is in congestive heart failure and develops a prostate problem and neutering is dangerous! He doesn't need them; they're going! Bye-bye!

Kiba's training session from this afternoon. i think she's looking great!

And Strafe's training session. he is also looking great, and I am just stunned at how "adult" he looks in this video. Not just the hair, but the attitude. He carries himself and MOVES like an adult suddenly... He will be a year old next week, so I am slowly working him up to 16" for his jumping exercises. We will also start weave poles more seriously soon (he's been introduced to the idea of going through 2-by-2's but that's it). And the see-saw...sheesh!

Here's today:

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