04 August 2011

I had a long post in my head, about how getting the right kind of dog really matters. How even if you're the best handler in the world, without the right dog, you still won't win everything. . .But I didn't like how it was coming out. So I deleted it. I don't usually do that, but I don't want people to misunderstand me. . . I'll think on it. 

I am NOT at the USDAA Regional in Chicago this weekend. I am teaching at A Click Above in Leesburg VA instead. Inside, A/C, on nice turf. Should be fun! I was there a year ago, and again briefly over the winter. it's always fun.

On thinking about Seri, I had decided that while I wouldn't trial her, or allow her to do weave poles, or aframes with speed, I would do some basic work to keep her brain engaged and remind her how to do things properly. So today I went out and did some basic single jump work, similar to what Linda does in the very early stages - just jumping back and forth, from a standstill, to get her toy on the ground. i encouraged her to bend her body back and forth, and propel upwards. She has a lot of trouble bending over the jumps like this, so I feel that without speed involved, she's not likely to hurt herself while we work on it. After that, I went over to our dogwalk, and sent her to it. I was perhaps 20 feet away from it, at a very mild angle. The grass was damp, but our dogwalk has really grippy rubber skin. Well, Seri accelerated to the ramp. Too much. She got halfway up the up ramp and just went SPLAT and went right off the side. Left some hair on the dogwalk. did this to her front left leg. Also her wrist is a bit enflamed again.

Don't worry, it's a burn, not a cut. Lovely though, huh? And that's just from "go dogwalk". Oh Seri. Sigh. Not sure she'll EVER be able to trial again, at this rate. If she can't practice, she can't trial. So we'll keep on plugging away at being able to practice safely. May take a while...

This weekend I'm only taking Strafe and Kiba with me. They can both do some demo work, and a little practice in a new place. Meanwhile Drifter will stay home lounging around and swimming and going for walks.

This picture is about 6 years old, but I've always liked it. Pulled from my long unused Photobucket account:

He's a LOT more grey now. . . .

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