25 August 2011


Not cool, Irene. Coming to ruin our seminar! I have already cancelled Sunday's workshops with Carrie, and looking likely to cancel Saturday as well.

I am having an amusing time telling people I am considering getting a sheltie in 2 or 3 years. Timing depends on what breedings I find that I like, and how well my other dogs are doing. Drifter is already sloping down towards retirement. His only plans are USDAA Nationals this fall, finish his MACH2 before the spring, and get qualified for USDAA Performance Tournaments for next year. Once he has that stuff, he'll be in semi-retirement limbo until we find out where/when USDAA will be next year. If it's too far, he won't go. And that's fine. He's almost 9 now, he's had a great career, he's still running well, but I'd rather retire him while he looks great than wait till he's falling apart. Kiba should run for about 5 more years easily, since aside from WAO this next year, plans are to keep her at 16" where she doesn't work overly hard. But her back is not real strong, and I don't know when she'll get too sore to compete. Could be at 9 yrs, could be at 12. No way to tell. Seri is on indefinite non-compete status. I did a little low-speed jumping work yesterday to see how it affects her, but I'm afraid to do weaves or contacts because she's so reckless and her shoulder still seems stiff and she has bony changes in her wrist. I'm thinking about taking her back to a sheepdog instructor to see if maybe she wants to do that instead... Anyway, point being she will almost certainly never be a serious tour-the-country sort of agility competitor. I don't trust her body, and I can't trust her to be careful with her body, so it's a no-win situation.

So basically for the next 2 years I've got Strafe coming out and Kiba continuing to trial. With Drifter and Seri perhaps doing some light trialing. By 2013 Drifter will certainly be fully retired, Kiba will be on decline at 9 years old, on a light schedule. So if Seri can't compete regularly, that leaves only Strafe. Sounds like puppy time to me. I really enjoy having 2 dogs to tour around with. But I don't really want 5 big dogs either - solution? Smaller dog! Sheltie seems like the likely candidate. Herding group dog, so tendencies shouldn't be too horribly strange for me to work with. I will choose a pup from parents who don't bark recreationally, and attempt to prevent that behavior from occurring. But yes, a sheltie. In 2 or 3 years. Weird? Maybe. I'm looking forward to having a smaller dog I can race around the course with!

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Morganne said...

After running two Border Collies (one is retired), I am really enjoying my Sheltie (14 mos.). Small dogs are a lot of fun and much easier to travel with.