21 August 2011

2 x 20

Well we're not finished with Kiba's 2nd trial at 20". Overall, she definitely hit more bars than usual, but she seemed to be fairly comfortable jumping 20", and all the photos of her don't show a cranky, uncomfortable, or unsafe look. She seems to be judging her takeoff well in most cases, not jumping early or late. I believe what we need to do now is a lot of jumpwork - grids and single jump work at 20-22" to really build her up and get her better with the increased height. At 16" it is easy for her to run around the entire course at insane speed without really needing to rock back and shift her weight to her rear in order to jump. She prefers to run that way. At 20" she must work harder, and I'm sure that is the difference in the bar knocking. Overall she ran 10 runs over the last 2 weekends. She qualified 4 times, placing 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and once not at all because she had a very large mistake that cost us a lot of time but no actual faults. She hit a total of 8 bars, I think?

Next weekend I'm hosting a seminar, and so she will mostly rest until the workshop I'm working her in, and after that she has 2 more trials at 20", so we will see how she does. If she cannot adjust and keep her feet up and not knock bars, she will go back down to 16" and instead of attending the WAO, I will plan to try to go to the EO with Strafe, which will also be fun, but more of a gamble since Strafe will only be 22 months old at the time of the competition.

I'm still in North Carolina. Today I have a couple private lessons, then my friend and I will have a fun day, perhaps see a movie. Tomorrow morning I head home. It's been a long but fun trip. It's been good for Strafe too, to stay in a hotel, stay in another house with different dogs, and to be crated at noisy trials as well. He's handled everything very well.

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