20 July 2011

Various Stuff

The heat is beastly this week. Index ("feels like") near 100 or over 100 every darned day till next week. I had to cancel class today to avoid human/dog heat exhaustion.

It was great to have Ria here to work on dogs all day Monday. So happy to have her do the annoying boring drive from northern NJ to here, instead of us going to see her, and she is picking up new customers as well. My dogs were all a little sore in the same spot in their backs, most likely from the added swimming. Contrary to popular opinion, swimming is actually rather difficult exercise. It does not "loosen up" your dog - it is actually resistance exercise. I think a lot of people confuse "no impact" with "easy", which just isn't right. Swimming is great exercise because it's easy on the joints, and it builds muscle. But you have to ease into it and limit the amount. I started at about 10min a day, and we're working up to 20min a day, 5x a week (3x for Strafe who still has puppy/adolescent muscles). Right now we're at about 15-16 minutes. We've also stepped up the Bosu/fitness ball work a little bit. The dogs are doing great.

I've put Kiba back on doxycycline for 8 weeks. i can't tell if it's helping her heat intolerance, but she certainly seems to be feeling good, rolling around and playing, so it can't be hurting. It's been a year since she was on it last for her Lyme. What an awful disease. If you live where it isn't prevalent, be HAPPY!!

This weekend we have an AKC trial, which is thankfully in an air-conditioned indoor soccer arena. it won't be COOL in the building, but it will be significantly cooler than the outside temperatures of 100F/38C or so. I didn't enter Kiba in this trial because originally I was thinking she would take the whole summer off because she wouldn't be attending Nationals for AKC, however now that I've got a plan, she'll be running more in the late summer/early fall. But anyway, she is staying home this weekend and I'm showing Drifter and Seri both at 20" again. Drifter is just chipping away at MACH2 (9 more QQ's to go) and Seri is just trying for QQ #1, still. Seri gets a lot of borderline training in the ring because it's necessary to keep her brain between her ears, and not exploding out all over the course. However, IF Seri does qualify for Reno, I will take her if I can work it out logistically (hard to find flights that take dogs in cargo to Reno area from DC area).

Saturday I got my new custom leashes from Rush to Tug for the girls. They are great! Gorgeous, well braided, and Kiba really likes hers;)

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Oooh, I like that leash! Will have to investigate further.