29 July 2011


After long years of agility and not a few times of "fishing" for them, I actually have a sponsor now! Sea Pet, through the recommendation of a student/friend of mine, will be sponsoring me and i will be appearing on some of their ads! So look for Drifter (or Kiba or Seri) in a Sea Pet ad in your favorite dog sport magazine, and please head over to their site and buy some stuff! Their products are very high quality and my dogs love them! The joint supplement is a nice powder that is easy to sprinkle into food, so no splitting giant pills or anything, and everything's all natural. Their fish oil isn't stinky either! Check them out by clicking the image!

They're actually a perfect sponsor for me, since I've never been a fan of supplements with 67 ingredients and half of them are strange 16-syllable words straight out of chemistry class. I use supplements as needed, and I use a joint supplement on my adults because they are all either older or tend to get sore, but now that I feed "incomplete" ground raw foods, I try to add in things like Kelp, oils, and sometimes vitamins like E or B, or a natural catch-all supplement with lots of ingredients like bee pollen, alfalfa, kelp, etc etc. But I like to rotate through, and since they don't get much salt, the Kelp helps provide the iodine they need.

I stay away from things like Pet Tabs, which have often been found to contain either less of what the dog should have, or more of things the dog shouldn't have (contaminants, IOW).

And I usually balance it all out by giving them a high quality kibble once or twice a week, and sometimes for 5 days at a time. My dogs look awesome:)

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jrvl said...

Awesome! So jealous you got a sponsor, I'd love to have one... especially a joint supplement one, my poor 3 year old boston has arthritis showing up in her back. :(