15 July 2011

Nothing deep today.

Nothing deep at all. Yesterday and today were much better weather-wise, a little cooler and lower humidity.

I am now Level 22 in Grand Turismo 5. Thought you'd all enjoy that. Sounds strange, but the original Gran Turismo back in 2000-ish is the reason I learned some racing theory and began to apply it to agility. Still trying... but it gives you a different perspective on cornering and when to accelerate. And it got me started in seeing "lines" rather than obstacles, which is how I really see things now. I don't think "jump, jump, front cross, jump" - or well, it's not my whole focus. I think "how do I create THIS line with acceleration from the dog HERE" and the obstacles just fall in line. . .

Ok, well, that's a little deep, but not deep like philosophical deep. Like my overlapping realities theory. (Everyone perceives the world differently, and everyone's set of "facts" is different. I think we end up choosing our friends oftentimes by whose realities most closely align with our own since that makes conversation so much easier and results in fewer arguments and more empathy).

Anyhow, I'm running out of pictures on my laptop to post, so I dug into my old photobucket account that has pics from before my old laptop crashed 18 months ago. Here's my very first agility dog, flying through the tire. She was a flat-coated retriever, got her ADCH title, made Grand Prix Finals twice, and made Top Ten several years when they first created it. ADCH Windfall's Daydream, (1992-2001)

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Love the picture!