07 July 2011

Getting into the pool

 A quick study on how my 4 dogs get into the pool. First up, Drifter showing his, uh, "boat launch style". Basically he walks down the stairs until he achieves buoyancy, then floats away. He loves the water, but in a totally unspectacular, non-dock-diving sort of way.

Kiba always jumps in, but apparently sometimes she has a weird dangling front leg style. . . she's the only dog who regularly takes a quick breathing break on the stairs without being told to.

Seri. Well, she does everything in a fun and exciting way. Seri also loves jumping in, but she's in such a hurry to go forward, that she usually just sort of ends up nose-diving in.

And Strafe. Impressively, only a few days after learning to swim, he is leaping in like a champ. I caught this neat shot and love it!

Please note I was just using a regular point and shoot digital camera (Nikon?? I don't even know), and I set the shutter to be very fast, so they are a bit grainy, but I still think it's neat! Full set of shots from today (Strafe is 10 months old today!) is on my facebook page (you'll have to Friend me first!)

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