04 July 2011

Been a long week!

Last Sunday I drove out to my friend's house in MI. It was a long ride, since Western PA and OH are not really that interesting to drive through (green, but the highways don't have the best scenery), but it was fun to be at her house. Monday I taught I few private lessons, and then Tuesday/Wed I taught full day seminars. It was originally going to be a camp, 3 days long and with 2 instructors, but I think that people are being thrifty with their money, and unfortunately not only did the 2nd instructor get cut from the camp (which hopefully did not hurt the relationship between that instructor and my friend, who is also her friend as well!), but it really wasn't a camp at all, but was 2 full-day seminars on 2 different topics, that we ended up holding in my friend's yard. it all worked out fine, since her yard is flat and has good footing, and the local dirt road is not too busy. I liked the group of people a lot; they were very friendly and asked good questions. I really like a group that asks questions, since I understand that I am sometimes a bit scatterbrained and may forget to say something or explain something fully enough. It's also an essential component to comprehension for the group - since I don't know exactly where their knowledge level is, or whether they've had a certain concept presented in a certain way before. i did some work with rear crosses with some individuals in private lessons, and then got everyone to try a high-speed blind cross in a sequence, which was informative for all of them.

Thursday was a bit of a relaxing day (as much as can be when you aren't really sitting still), since it was originally planned to be a 3rd day of teaching, I wasn't heading back east till Friday. So we walked around Ann Arbor, and got to go boating, an activity which Seri likes VERY MUCH. Friday was the boring drive back to east-central PA to an AKC trial where I ran Seri on Saturday and Sunday. She didn't manage any Q's in Excellent, but she looked pretty good at 20", and ran a good 4 runs in a row without knocking any bars. She stopped on both her dogwalks, hit all 4 aframes, and got 2 Novice FAST legs (she's never run it before).

Another happy discovery was that if I administer Xanax at least an hour before leaving, in a strong enough (but still within prescription strength) dosage, then Kiba actually CAN and WILL sleep in the car. She did so much better and I'm very excited that she can go on somewhat longer trips and not arrive dehydrated and tense. i still would'nt take her on any 3 or 4 day drives, but I think perhaps KY and Tulsa will be much easier for her than they were previously. It also bodes well for my plan to get her to Reno and possibly Belgium.

We have a pool set up at home now, one of those 10ft x 20ft ones, and the dogs love it. Even Strafe has learned to swim very quickly and having a great time. i will try to get a few quick videos of Strafe swimming soon.

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