13 July 2011

Actually have a weekend home this weekend. I cancelled class last night (foundation - older puppies) because the heat index was supposed to be over 100F. Today it's hot again, but cloudy, breezey, and less humidity, so we are having classes as usual.

Seri's shoulder and wrist held up well this past weekend, and don't seem to be unusually sore or stiff this week. The stiffness at the end of the range of motion in her shoulder seems to have resolved after it made a loud "crack" sound on stretching one night last week (made me wince, for sure!). So it must have been "out" again. . . seems to be staying in now. Unlike most issues with my dogs, I can't SEE when her shoulder is out. She has a bit of a hackneyed, knees-pulled-up sort of style of moving, and her running style also doesn't change, so the only clues I have are restricted range of motion, and sometimes increased bar knocking or weave entries missed.

Strafe can run the full dogwalk now. I am slowly allowing him to add a bit more speed to it, as that will vary his stride and he will have to learn to adapt to that. I am not allowing him to come at it too madly fast, or from any angles yet, as he is much too young to have a catastrophic fall. He is learning a low see-saw as well, and starting to do some jumping puzzle exercises at 12" (I set up a short jumping exercise that requires him to do something new with his body to clear the jumps, such as a tight 180, or extension into collection). He absolutely LOVES the pool, but my PT says he is too young to swim every day so we are limiting to every other day for now (3 times a week). He is LEAPING in, then he just grabs a toy and toodles around watching the other dogs fetch back and forth. Very funny.

Now that the dogs are used to the pool, I am starting to increase the time they spend in it, and have re-introduced the wrist weights and Bosu ball exercises.

It's now been 9 months since I left my "real" job. I find that money is definitely not easy to come by. I am not a "big name" in the sense of being in demand for seminars every weekend of the year. I don't get invited to camps, and I'm not part of the popular "clique" out there. But I'm getting by. My income tends to come in waves - I'll start a class session, give a seminar, and feel secure for a while, then I'll have a dry spell and feel insecure about it for a while. . . but I'm surviving. And I have enough seminars and such scheduled for the rest of 2011 that i should get by just fine. It boggles my mind though, that some instructors can make so much money that they enter multiple dogs, in every class, in USDAA or AKC trials almost every weekend that they aren't teaching. I can't (and wouldn't) do that. I enter dogs who are trying to qualify for something, and they always get breaks. And I take breaks too. It's better that way. This weekend we'll hike in the morning, do some training, but mostly just relax. Chat with a friend. Read a book. Watch some anime. Perhaps play a video game. Vacuum. Stuff like that.

Against my better judgement (or not?) I am considering taking Kiba to the UKI US Open in November. Contingent on being able to enter without attending a Masters Series local qualifier (we didn't have any), and also contingent on them allowing the WAO competitors to jump 20", which will be closer to the WAO height of 20.6" than the 22" height will be. I am not sure what I'd do if they say it is 22" only. Kiba does fairly well at 20", but only "OK" at 22". I need to keep working her at the higher height to see. i may also run her through another course of doxy. She's been getting hot faster than she should be, and while she cools off easily (not heat exhaustion or collapse type hot, just regular hot), I am wondering if it is Lyme related.

Obligatory picture so my blog isn't too "dry":
Kiba even gets hot swimming in the pool - I don't know if it's a physical thing, or because she really, really WANTS the toy?

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