05 July 2011

83% of a year old already. . .

yes, Strafe will be 10 months old very very soon (like Thursday). He hasn't done a lot of training on equipment lately, but he did get to go on an 8-day road trip with me, and handled it wonderfully. Got to experience a long boring day in the car, followed by hanging out with a large pack of mostly-border collies and ignoring the local redneck fireworks displays. He got on his first sanded, non-rubberized plank on a table for a few minutes, and walked around the trial. He is in a stage of development where he does notice things that are "out of place". Which could be anything, but is usually something with a silhouette that stands out. For example, the first day of the trial (indoor soccer building), he saw a very large fan, by itself in a clear area of the floor. Thought that was weird. His usual reaction to "weird" things is to give them the eyeball, and as I talk to him he slowly but steadily walks forward towards them, although when he gets close he initially does the thing where he's putting his nose forward, but leaning his butt backwards, so he's about 10" tall when he first touches and smells it, but without fail, he does go forward and investigate the "scary" object, and once he has done so, he is completely and totally finished with being scared of it. At the trial, he encountered 3 "scary" things over the weekend, and once he smelled each, he totally ignored it and was fine walking up to and by it for the rest of the time. So I'm pretty pleased with that. No goofy barking or running away behaviors, and he doesn't re-spook at the same thing over and over - he remembers that it's "nothing" once he's seen it. He still loves all people he meets, and he's very good at getting them to hug him. He's also still very appropriate with new dogs - he doesn't jump on their heads like some adolescent pups do, he always greets kindly, and if they grumble at him he will grovel on the ground, but not in that totally obnoxious way some pups have either. Most dogs come to like him just fine. And if they don't, he is perfectly happy to back off and leave them alone - he doesn't push it.

Even though he's been done teething for a long time, his ears are still not 100% set. Sometimes they flop forward like this, sometimes they go more sideways, "airplane" type, and sometimes one will stand almost all the way up with just the tip forward. Here's a wet Strafe, after his first swim without DJ playing lifeguard for him (he picked up swimming VERY quickly and loves it!)

Staring at his buddy Kiba, not exactly perfectly stacked but you can see his legs are looking longer. I think he's about 20.5" right now, and his butt might still be a little high so he may yet fill out closer to 21" after all.

And this is what happens if I stand still in the yard with them. "POOL????" they are asking. . .
(I actually don't let them out that gate for the pool, because I don't want them getting too anxious about it when I'm not there - we always go out the farther away gate, by the front door to our house)

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Elf said...

I like the ears the way they look in the wet photo. Somehow they go perfectly with that beautiful face. But I'm a fan of letting ears do what they want to.