22 June 2011


Sad that I can't attend Tryouts next year, for the 3rd year in a row. I only got to go one single year, in 2009. We aced all the courses but Drifter handed me the biggest disappointment I think I've ever gotten, by knocking one single bar in every run. Handling the courses was never an issue, and our combined times were always among the top 3 or 4, he just couldn't manage to clear all the jumps. And whether it makes sense or not, they do not choose "bar knockers" for the team, even if the dog doesn't usually knock one bar on every run. They would rather take the chance on a dog who goes off course. i guess I won't understand that mind-set until I have a good long conversation with the people choosing, which will probably never happen! Needless to say though, when I do return, I hope to have a dog who not a 'bar-knocker'. i couldn't go in 2010 as I was on the IFCS Team, and that was not allowed at that point in time, and after that I decided not to continue frustrating Drifter at that height, as his toe injury got worse and he got older.

Seri, now, also won't be doing 26" due to her physical and mental issues.

Kiba, unfortunately, is too large for Medium, and too small for Large.

Anybody got a dog they want handled to Tryouts? ;) I don't want the Team choosers to forget I exist!
My strategy for now is to continue kicking butt in as many high profile events as possible so that when I do return to Tryouts, they will pay attention! Sounds good, right? Then again, kicking butt is usually my game plan anyway.

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