14 June 2011

I'll post a more complete recap of the Regional this past weekend, but the shorter version is that Kiba won both the PGP and the PSJ Finals, Drifter got 4th in Steeplechase Final and would've won GP except he was called on a flyoff of a very borderline/iffy teeter performance. Seri, well, she was Seri. She had some good runs and some whacky ones. Ria and I discussed her shoulder and we are pretty sure it is occasionally subluxating, but it stayed in for the weekend. However she did mess up her upper back after one run, and for a few days after the trial now her bad wrist has been sore.

Here's the real reason I posted: Biathlon video from the WAO:

And this one as well - I STILL have openings for the seminar this saturday if you'd like to become more proficient at backsides and blind crosses!

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