17 June 2011

Drifter's GP Final

I am too lazy to edit video today, so I've uploaded the raw file directly to Blogger. Here is the lovely GP Final with faulted iffy see-saw. I am of the opinion that somewhat pushy "international" style see-saws (the dog is in control and it clearly hits the ground as the dog pushes off) should be OK. And the thing that really annoys me is that very few judges are consistent on their calls. Drifter sometimes gets called because he pushes UPWARD when he leaves. Many other dogs who leave at the exact same point but push FORWARD do not get called. Neither is more in control of the board, it just looks prettier, and that shouldn't matter. I realize that technically, USDAA rules say the board should contact the ground before the dog exits, however board contacting AS dog exits is always a grey area, and some dogs get away with it a LOT. Drifter did not, and therefore we have to run in Quarterfinals in KY. I didn't really care about winning this class, but I would've appreciated the bye into semifinals for my old dog!


Jane Elene Christensen said...

That would definetly never had been called a fault in Denmark!!!

Rosanne said...

I know, they're so picky here! I do call that our "european teeter"!