28 May 2011

Seri, TBAC Day 1

I had entered this AKC trial before Seri's shoulder went all weird on me back in April, but she's doing so much better I got the OK to run her. I only got to train her on sequences one day, Wednesday, before this weekend. Aside from that she's done nothing but walks and occasional jump grids for strengthening, so she was a little extra wild. In the first run, JWW, she handled well but knocked 3 bars down. After she cooled down, I stretched her shoulder out and it popped, and I actually had felt that it needed to pop (felt "out") when I'd worked on it last night, so this was actually a relief rather than a concern. In Standard my main focus was just handling well, and actually stopping on the dogwalk with her "new" (retrain of an old behavior but with a new verbal) stopped contact. She had  some other bobbles on course, almost slid off the see-saw, hit one bar where she had to converge towards me, and jumped off the table mid-count. But, she DID stop on the dogwalk, and not only stopped, but actually stopped *and waited for direction*, which is a huge step for her. The reason I gave up her stop last fall was that she just wouldn't do it in the ring, and her running behavior is fairly reliable so I figured why bother. Now my thinking has changed again, in that I really just want some reliability from her, so we can qualify for Nationals, and not worry about screaming at her to prevent off courses. For Seri, i think her mental state at trials right now requires a stop. Perhaps you'll see the run again some day, in a Final event or something, but for now, we are stopping.

In a sad, freaky note, while we were walking Standard someone collapsed outside the rings, and they called the paramedics, and I heard later that he had a heart attack (and died!). Very sad and disturbing to have that happen at an agility trial, but I guess in life that happens sometimes. A large collection of people, running on a warm day. Although in my almost 20 years of agility, I can't recall that ever happening before.

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Greg S said...

We had a lady have a stroke sitting in her ringside chair a couple years ago, and she died a few days later. Very sad, but with so many people and so many trials, I suppose it will happen now and again...