31 May 2011

Seri and Seminars!

Had a chat with a friend on the phone and another online, and I am going to keep Seri at 20" for a bit in AKC, but I will at least try to get her back up to 26" in AKC. If nothing else, perhaps she can try for WAO or EO next year. If not, then it'll be on Strafe's shoulders!

Saturday June 18th I am doing a special seminar on Backsides and Blinds, at our place, outdoors in Elkton MD. $150 for a whole day seminar teaching you how to be comfortable handling backsides of jumps and all kinds of blind crosses. We'll start with the basics - how to teach the maneuvers, how to handle them in short sequences, and we'll slowly work them into harder courses till you're fully immersed! I have several spots still open in this, and it will also be a good one to audit if you've got a youngster coming along!

Friday-Sun August 26-28 I've got Carrie Jones out here to Elkton, on Friday giving private lessons for $100/hour (must prepay to hold your spot), Saturday is a Masters Seminar, and Sunday is all about International Challenges! Carrie is a great instructor, and I'm happy to have gotten her scheduled out here as our first hosted seminar. She's super nice and easy to talk to, and semi-local to boot!

Forms for both seminars can be found here! The downloads contain bios and info about the seminars, as well as registration forms.

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