20 May 2011

Home Again

We're all back  home again now, I will try to post a full summary of the trip over the weekend. Drifter did quite well, putting in several solid runs for Team USA, helping win the Silver. We came in 4th overall in Games (Snooker + Gamblers) and but for a refusal at the beginning of the gamble, we would've won the whole thing there. But the big news is Drifter is now the 2011 WAO 550mm Agility Biathlon Champion! What a great way to end his international career (short-lived though it was, involving only 2 trips;)

Now as a medalist he is automatically invited back, but as of right now I don't plan to take him. Perhaps Seri will go in his stead, we will have to see how she does over the next year.

Also, I believe Strafe has grown a bit while I was gone. He got groomed, and I'm pretty sure his nose looks longer anyway!

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