04 May 2011

Been mulling all afternoon/evening. Do I really care about IFCS this year? No, not really. I sent in my form just because I was already doing 3 of the 4 events, and it seemed silly not to do so. But. . . it would save me some money and travel time and hotel costs, and would make my trip to the NW in July a week shorter (less time for others to watch my dogs). So I'm leaning towards withdrawing so that I have some time to really, REALLY build Seri up physically. I'd rather have the deciding factor be her mental state, not her physical one. If she misses weave entries because her upper back is sore, and knocks bars because her pelvis is flared, it is hard for me to judge whether she is ready for Tryouts or not...

ETA - also the absolutely grueling IFCS point gathering schedule! 11 runs over 3 days, seriously? That's just nuts, i would never put my dog through that many courses given the choice. I am careful with my dogs, and as my physical therapist drills into people, every jumping effort, every landing, is hard on your dog. Expecting your dog to do 20 obstacles, 3-5 times a day, 3 days in a row - that's probably about 200-300 jumps!!!

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