23 April 2011

SMKC. Seri-less.

Yesterday and today i drove 2 hours down to Salisbury, Maryland to an indoor AKC trial. I like this site, it is in a nice big climate-controlled building, parking is not that far, lots of crating, and it's always a small trial. Like the 16/20/24/26" dogs ALL walk together. Boggles my mind, coming from an area where the 20" dogs usually take 2 walk-through's all by themselves. Becuase of Seri's soreness, I scratched her, and didn't even bring her so I wouldn't be tempted to run her. I did take my mother's dog Trig for her, so at least I had 2 dogs and not just one. Drifter did well yesterday, getting QQ #4 for the year, #28 overall. Today he knocked the last jump (panel jump) with a VERY late bar coming down after he crossed the finish line. Darn! I wasn't that upset as he had run very well. He then qualified in JWW with a nice run so he finished up 3/4 with just the late falling panel for a fault. He held his start lines reasonably well, hit all his contacts nice and deep, held his see-saw fairly well (it was on the ground when he left) without me baby-sitting either day. My real goal was to run fairly hard and get some blind crosses in so I wouldn't be afraid to use them at WAO. And I did. He's used to them out of tunnels, but aside from some basic groundwork and one day of training on courses with them, he hasn't seen them much before. Judging from how well he handled the groundwork I wasn't too worried though, and I was right. I did one in each class on Friday, and 2 in each class today, and he nailed them all. I am getting used to figuring out where to use a blind vs a front as well, as obviously in some situations turning your back on your dog *is* a bad idea, and in some situations I don't need the collection I get by turning towards him, so the pirhouette of a fast, forward driving front cross is eliminated by simply getting ahead, passing the plane of the jump as he approaches, and changing arms. Awesome. I'm not even worried about it anymore and I'm sure I'll add them to Kiba's repertoire as well.

I leave in just over 2 weeks for England. Wow. This week I need to get my vet work put together and call the Reception Centre at Heathrow and ask a couple questions regarding whether I need USDA approval on a certain form. I also need to book a rental car for the 5 days after the trial that we are spending seeing some castles in Wales and then taking some time in London to do more thorough sight-seeing then we had last year due to the volcano and paperwork mix-ups that lost us more than a day. I am not sure yet what to do with Drifter while we're in London though. Leave him at the hotel while we go in/out of the city? Bring him along - then I couldn't go into the museums/cathedrals/shops. Leave him in the car at the train station (doesn't seem secure!)?

I am glad I left 2 weekends clear before the trip though, as I've been so busy till now that I haven't really been able to focus on it, as just keeping my schedule straight and going where I am supposed to is a job in and of itself.

Seri in her Back on Track coat and wrist wraps, after being lasered and stretched yesterday.

Seri now allows me to gently stretch her shoulder, but there is still more resistance than her uninjured one has. She is normally VERY flexible, so the difference is quite obvious to me. Sigh. In other news, in a matter of a few minutes I taught Strafe a stop command for his dogwalk ramp. I have a single plank on a 16" table in our barn aisle (it's been rainy again) and he's been running it a bit here and there, which he's doing very nicely. I can send him to a toy, or lead out and run with him, and both get the same results. Perfect. So today I thought he is so smart and so tuned into sounds and verbal commands, that I could probably easily teach him a stop on the DW (or at least a pause) for those courses with really hard turns. So today I taught him a stop command. In about 3 minutes. Have I mentioned this is one SMART puppy??

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Char said...

Hi Rosanne. Think your best bet is to leave Drifter in the hotel. I wouldn't leave him at the train station car park - defo not secure enough! xx