12 April 2011

I'm usually right about these things...

Sure enough, Seri was probably more of a wreck than she's been since she was coming off her injuries and spay over the summer. I'm not sure what caused it - perhaps the single dogwalk fall in training last week (although she fell slowly and landed on her feet), or simply she may have run more than usual with my mother's dogs while I was at Nationals. Anyway, her upper back between her shoulder blades was very sore and tight, her left shoulder was tight, and her flank area and one back leg were tight as well! That's a lot for her; despite her insanity and sheer recklessness, she has a very flexible and resilient body that so far has done well at taking the beatings she dishes out. Aside from the one wrist ligament issue, and some lingering core weakness after her spay (expected when having one's abdominal muscles cut down the middle) she hasn't really had any issues. Today I had to cancel classes due to the all day on-and-off rain. Sigh. Hopefully next year we'll be inside and I won't have to worry about it, but for now we shall have to deal with it.

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