19 April 2011


This past weekend I was up in New England, doing a bit of teaching on either side of the BARK USDAA trial. I only brought Seri and Strafe, because after 2 long weekends of agility I wanted to give Drifter and Kiba a weekend off. Seri did OK, she missed out on her AAD by 5 faults on both Friday and Saturday (table fault, then tire fault). I ran on Team with a couple of students on Sunday and got their first Team Q despite my "anchor" dog E'ing twice. Seri - sometimes I despair of her ever becoming fully reliable. She started the day with a very wild E in Team Jumpers, then ran quite well the next 3 Team classes despite a shoulder that I could see and feel was getting tight, then in Relay she once again randomly exploded. Sigh. She just gets SO excited at trials that she cannot think straight sometimes. She's not deliberately disobedient, but nonetheless it is a very frustrating situation when she just forgets to THINK out there. Not much for it but to keep trying though. She has so much sheer physical ability. However... as I mentioned her shoulder was tight, and I could see it was affecting her somewhat, so I stopped at Ria's on the way home and not only was her shoulder "tight", it seemed she somehow fully jammed it, jammed a toe on the opposite side, flared her pelvis, and was tight/sore in her flank. It took a while to unbind all her bits, and now it's not certain she'll be OK to run this weekend. She's not visibly lame, but I don't wish to aggravate issues and end up with long rehab for the 2nd year in a row. . .

ETA - on a somewhat unrelated note, I am considering adding a sheltie to the pack in a few years' time. (after Strafe is trained up and showing, and Kiba is getting ready to retire)

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