01 March 2011

Road Trip

There's something oddly calming to my psyche about a good road trip. Especially when I am visiting friends. Saturday I got up super early and headed down to NC, where I first stopped at one friend (and fellow WAO Team member)'s house to train some international courses for the afternoon, and afterwards headed to another friend's house to stay for a few days. It was largely a social visit to enjoy some good company and good weather (it was 80F!), but I did teach a few privates which probably covered my gas money and food on the way down/back.

I have found a local supplier of ground raw food for my dogs. A whole new frontier for me - I switched Drifter to raw for his heart (I can control the sodium levels and such), liked it, and switched the other dogs (except Strafe gets about half raw meals, and half kibble because the calcium is too high in some ground raw mixes). Bit of a new world for me, but I'm such an internet search junkie that I always feel pretty well researched before jumping into something. And one of my NC friends is a pretty educated raw feeder as well, and is happy to share her experience with me.

i discovered that Drifter is, indeed, a bit "out of tune". We are rusty, plain and simple. We have one month to get back into fighting form before AKC Nationals, and another month after that before we go to England. i don't think it will take that long. He is a very smart, educated dog, and I think he just gets a bit pushy and excited when not worked on things often. So we will be hoping the ground dries up the rest of the way so we can begin working skill sequences outside once or twice a week.

If you haven't bought your e-book yet, I advise you to do so. It is a GREAT book. I am actually excited to work on some of the things in it! And if you already bought one, THANK YOU!!!

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