21 March 2011


This past weekend was our last trial to practice at before AKC Nationals in less than 2 weeks. It was USDAA. I only entered 2 classes per day with each dog, as I wanted to be done early and our local USDAA trials (at this location anyway) tend to run really late. (we have about 100 Masters dogs and 50 P3 dogs, for reference!).
Let me back up a second though. On Friday, Drifter decided that 6 month old Strafe looks ridiculously sexy, and started obsessively attempting to, um, do the deed to him. Strafe is muy confused. So Saturday Drifter was whacko in Gamblers, but settled a bit and just hit a single bar in Jumpers. Saturday night I put 2 and 2 together and asked my mother to check to see if Trig (Drifter's daughter) was coming in heat. And sure enough, THAT was the cause of Drifter's horny behavior. So this is probably also the cause of him being pretty whacko. When he was younger, he didn't seem to care at all if a female was in heat in the household, but after I bred him once (even though the vet did the deed) and as he's gotten older, he's gotten more and more "dumb" as it happens. And now with us sharing the same household, I have cordoned him off to the bedroom. He has a ceiling fan, an air freshener, and he goes out front rather than in the communal dog yard to do his business.

Anyway, back on track with the trial - Saturday nothing extraordinary happened. Seri missed another Advanced Standard Q by one bar. Kiba absolutely rocked the Jumpers course but had one bar. Seriously, her time looked wrong it was so fast.

Sunday was Grand Prix first thing. I was not enthusiastic about Drifter's brain, as he really was out of his gourd. But Seri ran first, and despite my being a bit worried about the proximity of the chute to the bottom of the dogwalk, and some front crosses on a few bars, she really rocked it and won 26" by a whole second. Really, a lovely run. Gorgeous dogwalk, no bars, stuck her teeter long enough to be legal. I was thrillled. She is now fully qualified for Nationals! Drifter ran next, and sure enough when I took his leash off he bolted for the dog exiting the ring - he called off before getting anywhere close but he was unusually excited is the point.... well he hit a bar on a rear cross, then at the end of the course he ran around a very obvious jump, just having a brain fart. So I removed him. Kiba rocked the course even faster than Seri (and they were the 2 fastest times in the entire class, at least among dogs that ran clean), and picked up her first PGP and voucher. After that I ran Gamblers with them, and made up a threadley course that made their attention re-focus on me. Drifter did a couple dorky things but I treated it like training and overall I was happy with his responses.


On to a different topic. I am considering bringing in a semi-local seminar presenter or 2 this summer to bring in some people and money. But it's tough to figure since I'm not sure when the construction on our indoor will begin, and the ring up in that field is the best for agility. We can work down near the house but it's a little uneven. For next year I am hoping to persuade a big name international name to come over and visit....

i leave you with a video from 2009, of Strafe's grandmother Simic at the FCI World Championships. I got to meet Sarah while I was in Denmark, and also to watch her teach, and she is a very nice person with a very good eye.

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