29 March 2011

Lexington-bound tomorrow

This morning we went and saw Ria, and the dogs look pretty good. Twice daily walks has really built a nice base of muscle and kept them loosened up. Well, in Kiba's case, I think it's more that she's NOT staring at the ceiling all day. She's so weird.... but she is looking really, really good. She hits the occasional bar due to her tendency to take off and arc early, but when she's fit that's usually pretty minimal, and while neither of them are really as fit as I would prefer, they are both much fitter than they were a couple months ago. They should be fine for the 5-7 runs required over the 3-day weekend. If you want to keep up with how I'm doing, my opinion of the event, or even just my opinion of various runs I may witness, you can now follow me on Twitter (@AgileDauntless)! I think it will be easier than facebook for people who want immediate notification, and I am trying to hook the two accounts so posts will mirror anyway, but Twitter seems quick and easy. You can also follow AKC itself on Twitter for results @AKCNACResults i am leaving for VA tomorrow. It's about a 5-hour drive (I am loving this Nationals-nearby thing, but I don't think they will be next year). But i am sharing a rented cabin with 2 others, and it is rented from Wed night through till Mon morning, so I decided to go ahead and head down Wed so the dogs can relax and adjust and unwind after the drive. Drifter is not too bothered by the car, but he doesn't sleep either, and of course as always Kiba is strange - she is tense and panting the entire ride (the reason she won't be attending next year if it moves too far west). So Kiba does well with time to unwind. Thursday morning we will take a nice walk/hike with no hard hills, and then ISTT starts Friday. I am on Mid-Atlantic States Team this year! Although the last 2 years I haven't done amazingly on Friday; I usually have one good run and one not-so-good. This year i will be focusing on making sure contacts are solid, so I may not be gunning to win Standard. I will probably push in JWW though. I usually try to. See some of you there!

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