10 February 2011

Slack about updating, but I feel that's justified considering all that's been going on. On Feb 1st the movers came to our old house and picked everything up. Due to the weather, they decided not to deliver it till Friday Feb 4th. So lacking furniture and stuff and internet and digital cable, I camped on the old (not being moved because it's trash) couch in the old house for 3 days with my dogs. Not exciting, but better than sleeping on the floor anyways. Friday's moving in went off without a hitch, and now we are all in the new house. I am also done my mini-marathon of teaching, 3 seminars in 4 weeks. That was fun but I wouldn't want to do much more than that in a row, it IS tiring walking around teaching all day. This weekend I'm home, then I have actual agility trials again!
With all the ice and snow, the dogs were quite sore, so I was glad to see Ria, my PT, on Tuesday, even if she is even farther away now. Once we have a space to do so, I plan to convince her to come down to us once a month or so, and fill a whole day with appointments from locals who might otherwise not get their dogs seen at all. I believe getting your dog checked out by some sort of body-watching professional is so important, even if we neglect ourselves, at least our dogs should be seen... For example, at the seminar last weekend Seri kept knocking a bar on a hard left turn after a strong deceleration - she always used to have trouble with this but since I started handling slightly differently I don't usually have trouble, but she kept doing it. Well 2 days later I find out her left shoulder was out - once it clicked back into place she regained full range of motion and "ta-da" as of yesterday she is turning just fine! If I didn't have her checked, I would've just thought she was being willfull or silly last weekend. Now, I know she was having trouble literally moving her leg properly. She was not lame, not at all!
Today I am heading up in the afternoon to get Drifter's eye checked by an opthalmologist. He's been on the antibiotic drops for almost 2 weeks, and while I do think the scratch on his looks better than it did, it is not "healed" by any stretch, and at almost 4 weeks since the original injury, it is taking way too long. Hopefully they will do what they can to get it on the way to healing up fully. I haven't done agility with him in over 2 weeks, as I think it's hard to expect him to judge properly with a fuzzy horizontal slash across his cornea, and also the place I train is dirty, and I don't want dirt getting in his eye.
Strafe continues to grow, and is slightly taller than Kiba now, putting him at around 18" or just under 46cm. I believe he also weighs more than her too, and she is 27 lbs, so he has to be 28+. He just turned 5 months. I call him a monster puppy because he seems so large to me, but I still expect him to turn out around 21-21.5" (54cm) or so. He is not "all legs" anymore; he grew his legs for a while, then his body filled out again. He is not going to be a bean pole/all legs dog like Seri is (she's 20.75"/52.5cm) but only 35lbs.
Anyway my prediction for Strafe is officially 21" or 21.5"/42lbs and I'm sticking to it! I think his brothers will be bigger. His smooth-coated brother out in Washington State seems huge! I think he might not be as "substantial" as Strafe, but he will most likely be taller, maybe 22"+ or so! Of course it's all guesswork, as it's impossible to know for sure.
Yesterday I went ahead and did a little bit of "jump sequencing" with him, since I had a chance to do something in the indoor, and there wasn't much baby equipment available, and I didn't feel like squinching up the tunnel to teach him that (tunnels are so easy for later). So I set a few jumps at 6" (knuckle height, approximately) and we did a little bit of sending/wrapping work. He did great, working for his tug toy and latching onto it like a champ, even though with the weather we've mostly only done inside food reward work. I was very pleased. Then after classes he got to romp around with an older puppy who is 7+ months old, and they learned to play together very nicely. Strafe is very appropriate with other dogs, and he loves to socialize, yet I can still call him back to me if I try.

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